Intelligent wireless technology - simply excellent

Our technology is not only clever, but even excellent.

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Take your power consumption into your own hands.

With IQfy you use electricity even when it is needed.
It's simple. It's automatic.

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The revolution of the care sector.

IQmat - the first intelligent mattress with sensor technology that relieves the nursing staff and gives patients greater quality of life.

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More than just saving energy!

Simplicity, ease of use, comfort, safety and efficiency.

IQfy is an EnOcean-based radio system and sets new standards for safety, comfort, and energy savings. Automation has never been so easy! IQfy is connected effortlessly: no wires and no dirt.

In no time, IQfy can be set up to control heating, lighting, appliances, call-systems, smoke detectors, and much more. Using highly sensitive sensors and motion detectors, IQfy regulates the current and consumes it only where it is really needed. It’s simple. It’s automatic.

Where can I use IQfy?

This intelligent system is used wherever electricity is used – just about everywhere. IQfy supports you at home, at the office, in production, in hotels, or in hospitals and nursing facilities. This innovative technology improves safety, increases comfort, and reduces energy costs.

Our years of experience in development have allowed us to design and produce special solutions. With IQfy, your specific wishes are easily realised.

IQfy Sensor für Licht, Wärme, Energie, Unterhaltung

How does IQfy work?

1. Choose and order your product

2. Convenient home delivery

3. Install selected device

4. Connect


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