Wireless and battery-free

IQfy relies on the radio-based EnOcean technology

IQfy: simple. And simply clever.

What's the smart thing about IQfy? The wireless technology? The products? All together!

IQfy is a modern building automation, based on the battery-less EnOcean technology. The combination of low-energy electronic, reliable wireless technology and smallest energy converters makes this technology unique. Before you worry about an already installed system: IQfy communicates well with many wired bus systems such as KNX, LON, TCP / IP or BACnet.

Plug it in, connect, save electricity!

Sounds easy - and is easy! Because the intelligent technology connects virtually by itself. By pressing a button, the transmitter and receiver connect with each other, so that you can start right away with setting the desired options.

The technology with the "click"

One of the characteristics of this type of building automation is the pressure sensor. These intelligent, small control units are hiddenly installed in chairs, seat cushions or mattresses. With a minimal radio signal, the pressure sensor communicates with each control element and thus controls all connected power consumers and also an alarm, if necessary. On the page "What for is IQfy?" and the sub-pages you will find a lot of information for different applications.


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