The IQseat

a technique for every job

A large part of life is spent by a man at his workplace.

But does the light also have to stay on non-stop during this time?

The answer should optimally be "No!". And we have the perfect solution: the intelligent system of IQfy - and for offices a special highlight of the IQchair is available. With this clever technology you have your office now under control - or better: in the chair. Because the IQchair controls your office with a pressure sensor. It is integrated into the office chair and registers if you sit on your chair or not.

As of now, everything is at your chair.

You can easily control all electrical consumers in your office via the pressure sensor. If you leave your office chair, the sensor sends a radio signal to all integrated receivers and control units.

Intelligent combinations

By default, the system programmed to switch off all devices after 15 minutes. But you do not need to worry that you are suddenly in the dark, just because you are not sitting on your chair. In order to achieve optimum comfort, the pressure sensor is supplemented by a motion detector. Thus you can be absolutely sure that the light does not go out if someone is still in the room. The switching via the wall transmitter is still possible:

Press 1 time - light for 15 minutes
Press 2 times - light for 30 minutes

It's that simple to save power!


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