The IQcare Sensor-Mattress - the first intelligent mattress

More freedom for patients and enormously lowered risk of accidents - just great!

The IQcare Sensor-Mattress - is just a relief

An intelligent mattress that changes lives!

The care sector is one of the most stressful professions. Certainly the physical stress cannot be forgotten, but the mental and emotional stress of nurses is also enormous. There are too many patients for few nurses; too much work with too little time; and often too little understanding of too much stress.

The IQcare Sensor-Mattress, a specially developed mattress by IQfy and the company Lück for the care of patients with dementia can change this situation! This particular mattress includes an integrated pressure sensor. It registers changes in weight load. So when a patient leaves his bed, it is detected by the sensor technology immediately.

One sensor - many possibilities

But what happens when a patient leaves his bed? Depending on your needs, various functions can be triggered by electronic signal transmission when the bed is left. As a standard, a signal to the nurse call system, the DECT or mobile phone is sent first.

The mattress can be used in home care. The mattress would send a personally selected SMS to a stored phone number when the bed is left. This could, for example, be "Be careful, Mom got up". Of course, the system can expand to other components such as sensors for doors and windows, automatic light control and much more.

One possibility is, for example, the automatic light control. This is activated whenever the patient leaves the bed. The light can also be controlled on the basis of the time of day. By increasing the blue component in the light in the morning and the amount of red in the evening, the patient receives a little orientation. But even heating and air conditioning can be integrated into the control unit.

One mattress for all purposes - thanks to the retrofittable core technology

The IQcare Sensor-Mattress consists of two components: the mattress and the integrated sensor technology. The mattress is a high quality RHOMBO-MEDICAL® product - it is also available without the sensor technology and retrofitting can be carried out at any time. This means conversion to IQcare Sensor-Mattress does not necessarily require a significant initial investment.

Signal transmission with no installation costs: radio-control!

The changeover to IQfy takes place without any complication. Although the mattress needs to be replaced, for the use of IQcare Sensor-Mattress no cables must be laid. Even expensive installation work is not required. Without dirt, without noise, without much loss of time - in the "on-going operation".


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