The IQpad -

A lifesaver in miniature!

Self-determination for patients - combined with safety

In the care of dependent people, it always is a trade-off between safety and independent living.

Every human, he may be in need of care or not, has a right to self-determination. In the care of elderly people maintaining the self-determination of the patients is a major challenge. New technologies such as the IQmat or the IQpad simplify the supervision of patients significantly – their introduction is so far an important step on the path to a care without custodial measures.

The IQpad - a revolutionary sensor pad

Like our IQmat, the IQpad has a highly sensitive pressure sensor that is integrated into the seat. The seat cushion allows a comfortable and safe sitting. However, the special feature appears only when a change is detected by the sensor.

Unnoticed danger due to standing up or sliding down? Not with the IQpad!

In both cases, the small pressure sensor detects the change and immediately sends a short signal. This immediately triggers an alarm. Functions, which can then be triggered, are individually set up. The alarm can be passed on to a simple alarm transmitter, which notifies the alarm both visually and acoustically. It is also possible to transmit the alarm to a mobile phone or to a nurse call system. This helps not only in hospitals or nursing homes to respond to an emergency situation, but also sets new standards for the nursing of elderly or sick people at home.

The IQPad - is now worth seeing everywhere


Not only the special features make the IQPad simply unique. The special waterproof inner lining and the many options of the top panel also characterise the IQPad. We supply small, mobile lifesavers in several standard colours - also for special requests.

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