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IQmat - the first intelligent mattress with sensor technology that relieves the nursing staff and gives patients greater quality of life.

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Dementia - this makes nurses suffer

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About the worries and fears of nurses

No one can deny that male and female nurses exert an extremely stressful profession. But what exactly are the most stressful situations and concerns in everyday care?

In a recent survey, 66.9% of surveyed nurses had the most burdening concern that demented patients leave the ward and get lost.
In the second place came with 59.9% the fear of falling and injury of demented patients.
In the fourth place of the greatest burden was the concern, not to be able to do justice to dementia patients, directly followed by the concern, not to be able to avoid freedom-limiting aid.

In order to accurately understand and address these concerns, we worked several days in retirement and nursing homes. First hand we experienced what it means to be confronted with dementia. With people who often neither know who they are nor where they are. Which have the urge to go away. In a life, to which they remember. And which doesn't exist any more for many years - sometimes for decades.

Our goal was to find a solution for the concerns and problems of nurses, which same time ensures the patient's safety and liberty.

And we found it. The IQmat.
A system which reacts immediately if a dementia patient leaves his bed. It immediately sends a signal to the nurses' station and to the DECT phone, so that nurses no longer need to worry that a dementia patient leaves the ward unnoticedly. Additionally, the system turns on a special lighting and thereby leads the patient to the bathroom.

The number of accidents was reduced in nursing homes that use the IQmat system verifiably by 80%.

A unique system for increased safety and quality of life!
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