Intelligent wireless technology - simply excellent

Our technology is not only clever, but even excellent.

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Take your power consumption into your own hands.

With IQfy you use electricity even when it is needed.
It's simple. It's automatic.

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The revolution of the care sector.

IQmat - the first intelligent mattress with sensor technology that relieves the nursing staff and gives patients greater quality of life.

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IQfy in hotels

IQfy am

The intelligent technology for more comfort and safety

IQfy in hotels

Take your heating bills into your own hands. Make yourself finally independent of the behaviour of your guests and save costs for electricity and heating.

The following report shows how easy it is to increase the energy and environmental awareness of your guests while sustainably bring able to save money and energy.

Andreas Thometzek about the IQfy technology in the hotel business 

More information and details about the technology and its applications in hotels can be found here.

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