Intelligent wireless technology - simply excellent

Our technology is not only clever, but even excellent.

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Take your power consumption into your own hands.

With IQfy you use electricity even when it is needed.
It's simple. It's automatic.

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The revolution of the care sector.

IQmat - the first intelligent mattress with sensor technology that relieves the nursing staff and gives patients greater quality of life.

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IQfy - Technology for People.

IQfy has a mission: to make everyday life in buildings easier and safer for people and for businesses, and more predictable. The solution: presence-dependent control via sensors and wireless networks.

Andreas Thometzek (Managing Partner) and Klaus Kleine (technical developer) are working together on the marketing of intelligent solutions in building technology. After 20 years of practical experience in the industry, Klaus Kleine's first project was a solution for office buildings, based on his own experiences. He is concerned with how much energy is wasted daily when rooms are not in use: hours of hard lighting, appliances on standby mode, heating on with window open.

An invisible revolution

The revolutionary solution to manage all consumption with a highly sensitive, pressure sensor transmitter placed on the office chair was the first major market success for IQfy. With the combination of pressure sensors, wireless networks and individually programmed control, IQfy won several awards, including the German Innovation Award (2012) and become one of the 100 most innovative companies in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Industry Solutions from practice

The IQmat incorporates the principle of the transmitter chair into a mattress and thus into the everyday life of nursing facilities, nursing homes, and hotels - anywhere where people are more laid back. For its development, Andreas Thometzek and Klaus Kleine spent several weeks in nursing homes, studied processes, shared long night shifts with the nurses, and surveyed the management.

100% made in Germany

In the development stage, it became clear that this type of sensor-based system can only function efficiently if it is free from maintenance, repair and complaints. This meant a zero-faults strategy - and no international supplier relationships. Because the system must be running error-free, IQfy develops and manufactures all components in-house.


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