A clever technique, which only consumes thinks and the current when it is needed.

What does IQfy?

It thinks for me! When I desperately need a deadline again, I do not need to worry about, turn everything off. Perfect!

Safe, convenient and economical

An intelligent solution that thinks for the people.

The requirements for a building-automation system have steadily increased in recent years. The automated building services should not only make life easier, but save electricity as well.

This is not a problem for us!

The smart system of IQfy adapts to all conditions and is easy to install, because almost all components communicate wirelessly:

  • plug in
  • program
  • get started

It is that easy to save power. With IQfy.

Wireless technology that inspires

The EnOcean-based technique of IQfy is safe and reliable. Here, the benefit of IQfy goes far beyond a conventional building automation system.

Of course you may use IQfy at home or in your office to control lighting, heating and equipment easily and efficiently. In addition IQfy sets new standards by extending the applications of automation systems through specially developed products such as the unique IQmat or IQpad or the IQseat.

IQfy supports you, no matter where you want to use it. Through the optimal combination of highly sensitive pressure sensors and motion detectors it helps in

  1. improving security.
  2. increasing comfort.
  3. saving energy and thus costs.

One system - many solutions - endless possibilities.


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