With IQfy I just feel safe.

It makes sure that nothing is left on, when I go to work.

IQfy - definitely a better feeling.

Today, energy saving is a priority.

Not only for the environment but also for the sake of your wallet. But IQfy can do much more than saving energy and money.

The intelligent home control system thinks for itself - assisting you. By sensitive pressure and motion sensors IQfy ensures for example that no light remains switched on when you leave a room or the house. So all kind of devices can be controlled directly.

"Have I left the Iron switched on at home?"

How often will you look at issues like this? With IQfy those days are gone! The system registers, whether you are in the room or in the house and switches devices off just after the time you specified. Do not worry anymore if you forgot the iron, the coffee maker or whatever. Simply clever.

Protection against burglars

IQfy protects you not only from your distraction. You can control IQfy not only using the innovative pressure sensors, but also by motion detectors.

It naturally increases the comfort for you tremendously when you arrive home in the dark and the exterior lighting switches on automatically and the lights in the apartment welcome you warmly. In addition, exactly those measures are a deterrent against unwelcome intruders.

Safe from smoke and fire

Did you know that 95% of all fire victims do not die from their burns, but from the consequences of smoke inhalation?

Most fire victims have been surprised by the fire while they were sleeping. During the day, fires are often noticed quickly. In contrast, at night the dangerous combustion gases are not perceived during sleep. Just a few breaths can be already fatal.

Smoke detectors save lives!

Statistics show that on average 4 minutes remain to escape after the outbreak of a fire. Smoke detectors register the development of hazardous gases early and warn residents early enough - even at night!


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