My home is thinking for me.

IQfy is not just a system, but a quality of life - and sometimes my best friend.

IQfy - just more comfortable

Increase your living comfort with modern home control system

IQfy is an asset in every area. The system's versatility makes it the perfect partner for your home, office or other use in buildings and companies.


Why should the light be on in a room where nobody is present?

This is the core idea of IQfy! IQfy can detect through motion and pressure sensors, where someone is currently present- and in other cases the light can be simply turned off.

This saves energy - without effort and without constant switching on and off.

Heating system

If you need to get up early in the morning, your bathroom can be already heated due to IQfy. If you are in the office, this is not needed.

IQfy can also reduce the heating for you, when you ventilate.

Heat is present only where you need it - this saves energy and increases comfort at the same time. The central heating control system of IQfy makes it possible.


IQfy can do even more - since almost all electronic devices can be connected; individually and completely independently of each other - and if you want, it can be used on the move as well. Thus you always get an overview and everything under control.

  1. Heating:
    Control temperature of rooms specifically and if required centrally -> sparingly and cuddly
  2. Light:
    Light individually and centrally controlled. Automatic light only where you are. Automatic power saving in rooms that are not used -> Living becomes an experience
  3. Equipment:
    Switching on of different devices via IQfy as required -> no standby power-guzzler and less risks

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