I save my money easily:

whenever I do not consume the power!

IQfy - this is how simple saving is!

With the clever technology of IQfy, saving is now really fun!

Without waiving! Since IQfy saves the current where it is not needed. Why should you leave the light turned on in areas if nobody needs it? Why should the monitor run permanently if no one is in the office?

These are two of the countless examples where power saving with IQfy is easy.

Always and everywhere

IQfy is a real all-rounder. One system - endless possibilities. Since the smart building automation provides many standard modules that can be used anywhere. However, in our repertoire you will find some unique special solutions such as the transmitting chair, the IQpad or IQmat - solutions that have been specifically developed to control and save even more energy.


Safe and easy

With all the technology IQfy is quite easy to install. Thanks to EnOcean technology, components operate mostly by radio and must not be installed in a complex way. The devices connect with each other by a push of a button and are easily controllable via computer.

With IQfy, it simply means:

  • Plug in
  • Connect
  • Save power

This is how fast you can control lighting, heating, air conditioning, call systems, alarms and equipment in the building. What this means for you is that you can sit back and relax now, because IQfy thinks and saves for you. Especially when you forget to turn off the light.


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