In what area can IQfy be used?

Take it anywhere!

IQfy is present everywhere you need it!

IQfy adapts to your needs.

Thanks to the unique wireless technology and the extensive components of the system, you can use IQfy almost anywhere.

In addition to the standard components, we have some special products designed to improve the safety and comfort for our customers even further. Our experts are constantly working to expand the system to develop additional solutions and also to develop custom solutions for specific customer needs. This leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

The IQcare Sensor-Mattress - the first intelligent mattress

One of our newest products is the IQcare Sensor-Mattress. It was developed in collaboration with the company Lück and is specifically designed for the care of people suffering from dementia. The intelligent mattress is a revolution for the care sector, because it combines many factors with each other.

The transmitting chair - integrated technology

The transmitting chair is the best seller of IQfy products - because it is also the first product that we have brought to market. All power consumers are controlled through a mini pressure sensor present directly in the seat.

Easy sitting, in other words. The fact whether you purchase one of our ergonomic office chairs directly or integrate the sensor into existing seating, does not matter. On the "office" page you can learn more about the possibilities of use. Or, click here.

More comfort at lower energy costs

Especially in the hotel industry, IQfy can use its full potential. By using the system, you can enormously increase comfort for your guests while drastically reducing the cost of electricity. The flexible technology offers a lot of opportunities.

And best of all: IQfy can be integrated during operation!

Learn more about the possibilities for use in hotels.


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