Everything under control -

anytime and from anywhere!

Solutions that just work.

Automate your home

IQfy was designed to make your life easier in many ways. On the one hand, IQfy is an intelligent system that thinks for you. It removes the light where it is not needed, it turns a device on or off, it regulates air conditioning and heating. Wherever you need IQfy.

On the other hand, IQfy also ensures your safety and also saves a lot of energy. Whatever you plan to do - IQfy accompanies you reliably.

And there will be light ...

The light comes on - wherever you are. All by itself.

Would that not be great? With IQfy, this is no problem. And the system does even more: it not only switches the light on when you enter the room, it also switches the light off again when you leave the room! But that does not mean that you have no control anymore. Quite the reverse! Of course you can still manually switch the lights on and off - or the lighting via the PC, your smartphone or IQfy panel.

Comfort, safety and energy saving

IQfy can control much more than just your light. Connect your devices via wireless socket strips or adapter plugs, use the thermostat to regulate the room temperature or secure your home against burglary using motion sensors.


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