Physical and psychological relief for carers

The IQmat set up where other systems stop: In the individual needs of the people.

The IQmat means: more freedom

for patients, residents and carers

Special solutions for special people!

The care of elderly and sick people is asking a lot from caregivers and family members.

Nurses and carers often reach their limits both physically and mentally. It does not matter whether members look after their loved ones at home or trained nurses look after people in need of care in nursing homes - the loads so different as they are - are enormous.

For this reason, we looked for specific solutions. Solutions that not only bring a significant relief to the patient, but also to the nurses. The result of these considerations is two products: The IQcare Sensor-Mattress and IQcare Pad.

These unique products change your life!

The IQcare Sensor-Mattress and IQcare Pad are specially designed for the care sector solutions. Both have integrated pressure sensors which allow a targeted care of persons in need of care without further aids. Thus they provide additional protection and enormous relief. Both for the patient and in a special way for those providing care.

A small sensor with a large effect

The IQcare Sensor-Mattress and IQcare Pad contain an integrated pressure sensor - this register changes in the weight load. So when a patient leaves his bed or is out of the wheelchair, it is perceived by the sensor immediately. This will directly trigger an "alarm" - either as a message to the nurse call of a nursing home or to a DECT or mobile phone.

Depending on your needs, various functions can be triggered by electronic signal transmission. More details can be found on the individual product pages of IQcare Senaor-Mattress and IQcare Pad.


Pressure sensor

Perceives changes in weight and registers the person leaving the bed.

Heating Regulator

Regulates down the heating on prolonged presence in bed.

Window Transmitting unit with magnetic contact

Reduces heating when windows are open.

Signal receiver

Receives the sensor signal and controls the lighting, for example.

Room temperature sensor

Provides individual control of the living room temperature.

Lighting switch

Is superior to the automatic control and turns the light on or off when manually operated.

Central overview at the PC

Provides a complete room/occupancy overview and links the signal to the emergency call system.

Wireless adapter plug

Allows you to control other devices depending on the sensor signal.

The IQmat brochure - all the information on 8 pages


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