Always in the right light

IQfy saves power in times when it is not needed. It's automatic.

Power saving -

quite simple even in the industry.

Automation in grand style

Even with major challenges, IQfy simply puts everything into perspective.

Especially companies with their own production and storage facilities, it is no longer possible to imagine them without a building automation. Even if no one is in the hall, there is "Castle lighting". The bill for this enormous unnecessary energy consumption is presented to every company at the end of the month.

The energy demand for lighting alone is gigantic.

Even the most modern LED lights consume at times, when a hall is not occupied, a tremendous amount of power. This can drastically change with the intelligent control of IQfy. Because whether manually via a central PC or motion detectors - IQfy will not leave you in the dark.

Installation without downtime

One of the biggest advantages of IQfy is the quick and easy assembly. Due to the innovative wireless technology, no expensive flush work is necessary. Thus IQfy can be easily installed during operation. It is simple.


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