Multitasking in the office

IQfy controls all electricity consumers - central

The continuous current consumer no. 1: The office

Whether single or large room office, it is the same everywhere:

At least light, monitor, printer, scanner and fax are in continuous use. And regardless of whether someone is present in the office or not. This means a permanent burden on the devices, the environment and your wallet.

Situations, where you leave your office without turning off all power consumers, occur very often:

  • Lunch breaks
  • Meetings
  • Short errands

Sometimes these programs last quite longer than planned. In these times, everything continues running at your workplace.

Individual workplace solutions with IQfy

We, from IQfy, know this problem adequately - in other words: We knew it. Because many years ago we made it our goal to find a solution for this: a system that decreases the concern for everyone to be responsible for the consumption of huge amounts of energy - and therefore costs.

IQfy just thinks along. Through highly sensitive pressure sensors and motion detectors, the system registers, whether you're at work or not. In your absence, IQfy switches off all power consumers that are integrated into the system after a time specified by you.

Simply unique - the IQchair

The simplest solution for controlling the power consumption is the use of motion detectors. However, it is difficult to cover all areas of a room. In addition, some unreliability of the motion detector remains at low movement.

The IQchair transmitting chair is based on the same basic idea as a conventional motion detector: The control of power consumers in their absence. However, this is achieved through a highly sensitive pressure sensor in the seat of your existing office chair. It registers if the chair is occupied or not. In combination with motion detectors in the room, it thus ensures that you do not suddenly sit in the dark.

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