Light, electricity, heating - everything is permanently on.
Even if no one needs it!

One problem or many?

Our society has many problems with energy.

Consider the enormous increase enlarge in electricity rates. In the last 13 years in particular, electricity prices have almost tripled. *Experts expect these to steadily increase.

Another concern is choosing the right electricity provider. Where does the energy come from? From a nuclear power plant? What about renewable energy? Do I get pure green energy?

The issue of “climate and environmental protection” has become increasingly important.

We are frequently confronted with holes in the ozone, pollution, CO2 emissions, global warming, and climate change.

At IQfy, we have often asked why electricity is not used just where it is needed. Why are the lights turned on for 8 h a day if they are only required for 5 h?

How can we address these problems?

constantly rising electricity costs
the unnecessary permanent use of electricity
high CO2 emissions
rising costs

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