A clever technique, which only consumes the current when it is needed.

A smart sensor technology:

We consume electricity only when we really need it.

This is exactly why we have developed the clever IQfy-technology!

Our systems can think for themselves. Small wireless sensors and motion detectors register whether you are in the room. If you leave the room, this is immediately perceived by the sensor. Depending on the configuration, various functions can be automatically triggered, and many high-consumption devices are switched off.

Our solution is that simple.

IQfy control more than you can imagine.

Lighting control, heating, air conditioning and power consumerism consumers are the Simplest ways of using IQfy. In addition, IQfy already offers many specific solutions: such as the IQseat, the IQmat or IQpad. But our service does not stop there! Since all products have been developed by us, so we have the experience and ability to meet all special requirements. You have a specific challenge? Then try to challenge us!

IQfy is the perfect solution for:


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